Aire acondicionado Thermowell UCI-32H

UC-I offers the nautical sector an innovative technology for high performance in variable climatic conditions and an optimization of consumption on board boats. UC-I is the new series of chillers with seawater inverter condensation, the result of technological research, design and production exclusively Italian. The inverter chiller unit, equipped with an Italian-made electronic thermostatic valve control unit, optimizes the cooling performance as the heat load varies, obtaining the best efficiency (COP).

  • Thermowell
  • Aire acondicionado UCI
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No inrush current at start-up, consumption optimization thanks to innovative Italian electronics.

Easy and intuitive touch display present on the machine and with the possibility of having a second one to be installed in the cabin to better manage all the parameters.

Compact and silent thanks to the sturdy 316 stainless steel structure which also contains the electronics.

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