Aire acondicionado Thermowell UBK10H

The UBK series is characterized by its different design compared to the UB model in order to optimize space, making installation and maintenance extremely easy on some types of boats.

  • Thermowell
  • Aire acondicionado UBK
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Our refrigeration units adopt a special Cu-Ni 70/30 seawater condenser, a material that offers maximum resistance to erosion and corrosion. The use of Cu-Ni 70/30 makes our chillers more resistant and long lasting.

All the components of the air conditioner (high efficiency and silent compressors and fans, corrosion resistant cupro / nickel condenser, high and low pressure switches) are installed inside a sturdy structure made of stainless steel which guarantees a long operating life.

Rotating fan with high efficiency and noiselessness. Easy 360 ° rotation.

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