Aire acondicionado Thermowell UC24H

UC is the line of water chillers with sea water condensation, also available in a heat pump version, expressly designed for the construction of air conditioning systems inside the largest boats. UC chillers are used to cool / heat a water-glycol mixture which, traveling through a closed circuit, reaches all areas of the boat within which appropriate hydronic terminals (fan coils) are installed. This is therefore the ideal solution for air conditioning medium and large size pleasure craft.

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Our refrigeration units adopt a special Cu-Ni 70/30 seawater condenser, a material that offers maximum resistance to erosion and corrosion. The use of Cu-Ni 70/30 makes our chillers more resistant and long lasting.

Each model is equipped with an innovative electronic control unit which, in addition to managing the operating parameters, is able to uniquely identify any alarms by means of appropriate error codes.

Each air conditioner is individually tested in the factory under the most severe operating conditions.

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