Aire acondicionado Thermowell AIRJET24

AirJet 12/24 VDC is ideal for the air conditioning of boats and pleasure boats without a generator, where you want to benefit from air conditioning without resorting to noisy generators when at anchor.

  • Thermowell
  • Aire acondicionado AIRJET
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Our air conditioning units adopt a special Cu-Ni 70/30 seawater condenser, a material that offers maximum resistance to erosion and corrosion. The use of Cu-Ni 70/30 makes our products more resistant and long lasting.

This air conditioner uses a horizontal scroll type semi-hermetic compressor with brushless electric motor in direct current (BLDC) which therefore allows direct connection to the boat’s batteries, also avoiding excessive electrical absorption at start-up (so called inrush current. ).

The evaporator fan can be rotated to best adapt to the path that the air-conditioned air delivery pipes must follow. Always sensitive to environmental protection, Thermowell charges all its systems in the factory with ecological refrigerant gas and no additional charge is required during installation on board.

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